Week 2.1: On the Road!

Well, I made it through one week of the challenge… on to week two!  We’re on our way across the country, although it took some finagleing to get everything in the car!  Here’s me in my travel dress for day one doing my very best Vana White.
Our first rest stop was Donner Pass, where we got out and marveled at the remaining snow…

…and climbed over rocks in impractical shoes for a quick leg stretcher.

Then it was back into the car for the rest of the day to drive across the Nevada dessert, where white snow was replaced by white salt flats.  Still very pretty to look at!  In some places, the mirages made it look like the mountains were floating.

We also stopped in Lovelock, Nevada for another quick break.  Lovelock has adopted what they claim is a Chinese tradition of locking metal locks on chains and fences as a symbol of enduring love.  Needless to say, Boyfriend and I did not purchase or leave a padlock, although I took a few pictures… there were so many kinds of locks!

Today, we’ll drive to Yellowstone!
Today’s outfit…

Dress: Made by ME, details to come later…
Jacket: Forever21
Belt: H&M
Bangles: Various
Shoes: Reflection
Hair flower: Icing

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