Week 2.2: Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

Hello lovely readers!  I hope you will forgive me the lack of nail posts of late… Travel and nail painting do not pair well, and although I’ve brought supplies I have not had an opportunity to use them yet.

I will need to post a more extensive trip review when this whole thing is over… Since I last posted, we drove through the rest of Nevada, Idaho (where we visited Craters of the Moon), and into Wyoming, where we camped overnight in the edge of Grand Tetons.  All of the bear warning signs made camping quite exciting!

After being awoken at 5am by the Loudest Birdsong Chorus Ever, we gobbled down our breakfast and drove into the Grand Tetons where we took copious photos.

The day’s activities required comfortable clothes and practical shoes, and since I have yet to master vintage-styled casual wear, my outfit consisted of…
Jeans & Shirt: American Eagle
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Forever21 (with Dr. Scholl’s insoles for comfort)
Hat: Swiped from Mom
Lucite Bangle: Antiques mall
Our next stop was Yellowstone, which was as stunning as expected.  I could not possibly show you all of my photos, I took so many!  Perhaps I will put up a link if I upload them all later?  But, I have to show you the highlight of the trip…

…Old Faithful!  We mostly stayed in the southern portion of the park, and looked at loads of geysers and other fun geothermal areas.  We also saw lots of antelope and bison, although (thankfully!) no bears.

Ok, let’s talk details.  Since I’m out on vacation, I can’t do weigh-ins on Wednesday.  I’ve been counting calories using MyFitnessPal, and I don’t think I’ve gone much over on any day–we’ve been doing our best to get some walking in–but the car snacks and the dinners out have been taking their toll!  My parents packed some evil 100-calorie peanut butter cookies for trip snacks, not to mention some soy & wasabi almonds, which are tasty but salty and fatty.  I’ve been having yogurt or Naked Juice smoothies for breakfast, and a slice of bread with cheese, a pile of lettuce, and half a serving of almonds for lunch.  For dinner I had veggie-heavy meals the first two nights, but I caved and ordered baked ravioli at Adrianos… though we’d done enough hiking to counteract it, I think!  Plus, I snuck one of my raviolis over onto Boyfriend’s plate.
Anyway, I’ll let you know how the food goes as the trip progresses… I’ve got to keep myself accountable somehow! …and maybe I’ll even be able to paint my nails in the morning.

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