Week 2.3: Rushmore

The most recent stop on our whirlwind tour of the western half of the United States was at Mount Rushmore.  I must say, I was completely unprepared for the spectacle of the whole thing.
There’s me, loaded up with camera bag, sweater, and picnic dinner standing on level 6 (!!!) of the Mount Rushmore parking structure, waiting to head in.  The place is set up almost like an Americana version of Disneyland, with many entrance lanes for cars and a huge stone pedestrian gateway.  Before you get to the monument, you walk past a giant gift shop, a cafe, an ice cream parlor, and audio tour areas…  it’s really crazy.

There’s a line of flags leading up to the monument, representing all of the US states and colonies.  Later in the evening, everything is lit up.

Requisite tourist pose!  I tried to get a photo of my family with their heads lined up as though they were part of the statue.

(look, no nail polish!)
Outfit details today…
Shirt: Aeropostale
Jacket: Forever21
Skirt: Article Consignment
Bakelite & Lucite: Various
Shoes: Reflection
Hair Flower: Icing

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