NOTD: Coral Stone

Well hello!  Some blogger I am… It turns out that my grandparents’ house (where I am now) has no internet, so all of us technically inclined visitors are seeking out what dribs and drabs of WiFi we can find floating about.  I finally got around to re-painting my nails with a color that Boyfriend’s mother gave me before I went away on vacation… this is Mary Kay Coral Stone.

Coral Stone is a remarkably opaque polish that sits on the border between a jelly and a creme formula.  I only used 2 coats for these photos, and the color felt remarkably opaque.  The color is a bright juicy neon coral, somewhere between a neon red-orange and a neon peachy pink.  

 I thought the neon color was appropriate both for the summery weather we’ve been enjoying and to match my neon bike clothes!  I think I may have to use Coral Stone as a summer pedicure color, it’s so bright and tropical-looking.

I’m not sure how color accurate the photos are… they look close but a little dull on my computer, and too bright and not pink enough on my dad’s computer, which I’m using to write this post.  I think the bottle photo is the most color accurate.

I promise more blog posts soon (I’ve just repainted my nails, and I took outfit photos this morning!) which I will put up if I can scrounge any more internet!

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