Week 3.1: Yellow for vacation

Well, we’ve finally settled into our routine at my grandparents’ house in northern Wisconsin, which is a nice change from the perpetual driving.  Our vacation routine generally includes a walk or two every day, some fishing, a 20 mile bike ride (occasionally this involves a stop at the ice cream parlor), making dinner, and playing games.  The bike rides are really helpful for keeping me on my calorie goals while on vacation… and I have been counting religiously!  Hopefully everything will come out well on the far end of this trip.

In case you haven’t already noticed, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of this black jacket before the vacation is over!  It’s just the right length to go with high-waisted skirts and piles of bangles.  I’m amazed how much yellow I packed… it’s never been my favorite color, but I’ve accumulated a few yellow pieces in the last couple months, so they came on vacation with me.

Shirt: American Eagle
Jacket: Forever 21
Circle Skirt: Handmade by me
Petticoat: Evangeline’s
Bangles: Various
Shoes: Reflection (hey, I only packed 4 pairs of shoes…)
Hair Flowers: I made the pansies, the others are from Icing,

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