NOTD: Milani Digital


Today I have for you another difficult-to-photograph polish, Milani Digital.  The constraints of travel are making it a bit tricky for me to do nail art, but maybe I’ll have time to get some stamping done before we get back on the road.

Weak sun

Digital is a medium pink, and looks spectacularly sedate and unremarkable in shade.  If you look closely, you can notice a bit of the rainbow shine indoors, but for the most part it looks quite professional.  In the sunlight, on the other hand, it gives off an amazing rainbow of sparkle.

The holographic sparkle in Digital is fairly well-dispersed, and it doesn’t make very strong linear rainbows.  It does show up much better in real-life than in photos, though… the camera didn’t want to pick up all the colors with equal intensity.

I used a layer of the Sinful Colors Basecoat followed by three coats of Milani Digital and a top coat of NYC… Hopefully I can come up with something more exciting for my next manicure.

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