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Week 3.2: Green petticoats & a lack of fish

Vacation continues to be very pleasant, although we still haven’t caught any fish and last night the weather took a sharp turn for the colder… we had to cover up all of the seedlings we so carefully transplanted into the garden to make sure they didn’t freeze!  Of course, my love of petticoats and twirly skirts overcame any concerns I had about the temperature… and besides, if I packed two petticoats into my crowded little suitcase, I needed to wear both of them! 

This petticoat has a bit of a story behind it…  I ordered it a month or so ago from Malco Modes, via Amazon here.  I’d been eyeing a new petticoat for a while, and I decided to go with the apple green, since it is one of my favorite colors.  Well!  When I got the petticoat, it was not apple green by any stretch of the imagination!  It was the most fluorescent chartreuse I have ever seen outside of fitness clothing.  I did a little research on dyeing nylon and headed to the store to pick up a bottle of green RIT dye and threw the whole thing in a bucket… several hours later, the main body of the petticoat had turned a deep forest-y green and the trim mellowed to a bright grassy green.  It looks a bit like a head of lettuce now, and I love it.

I never seem to like the photos where I’m looking at the camera…

 Boyfriend and I made a trip to town for a coffee date and a bit of shopping.  Both of us got yarn for knitting projects to work on during the long drive back home, and I stopped into a thrift store and got a pair of short white gloves and a giant nautical-print silk scarf.  It’ll be a fun challenge to try to incorporate the new pieces into my wardrobe… 

 I need to figure out some different ways to mix and match my green and blue with the rest of my wardrobe… they are some of my favorite colors!
Also, although I have not managed to weigh in, I can report that my belt is fitting a little looser at its customary position, and this skirt (which started a bit snug!) is fastening much more comfortably.  Hopefully the scale will agree with me when I get home…

Sweater: Forever21
Skirt: Handmade by me
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Shoes: Forever21
Socks: Knit by me
Gloves & Belt: Target
Orchid clip: Made by me from a branch of silk flowers
Bracelets: Assorted, the small green Bakelite was polished down from olive
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