Week 3.3: Biking gear

Well, today we get back on the road, so today’s post is a short one.  Since I’ve been talking so much about all the biking we’ve been doing, I figured I’d share photos of my biking gear.  It’s not exactly a fancy outfit, but this is where the hard work for weight loss and fitness happens!

We’ve been taking 15-20 mile bike rides nearly every day during our stay at my grandparents’ house, and although some  of our good work is undone by stopping at the ice cream parlor around mile 10, it’s still quite a workout.

The bike and helmet were rented, but the rest of the outfit is my own…

Shirt & Pants: Target
Vest & Arm Warmers: Pearl Izumi (don’t remember where from…)
Gloves: Specialized (that I’ve had for ages)
Shoes: New Balance 310

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