Week 4.3: A Detour for Dinosaurs

Hello, lovely readers!  I’ve almost made it back home… and look where we went today!  My inner child was so happy.

As part of our road trip, we detoured to Dinosaur National Monument, where we looked at exhibits and the fossil quarry, walked along a trail with exposed fossils, did an auto tour, and climbed up to the base of red-rock cliffs to see petroglyphs.  It was an amazing day.  And now I am sitting in my fluffy hotel bed (it has ten pillows.  TEN!) and typing up a post!

Here I am holding hands with an Allosaurus while wearing my new favorite Bakelite bangle.  The light lavender bangle started out a muddy mustard color, but a bit of polishing brought out this lovely color.  There’s still a bit of yellowing left, and I could probably use to polish it a tad more.

Hat: I’ve had since forever (in the first photo…)
Hair Flower: Present from a friend
Bangles: Various, purple Bakelite is polished.
Shirt: Aeropostale
Shorts: L.L. Bean
Socks: Handknit by me
Shoes: New Balance 310
And best of all, I think I’m hardly sunburned at all!  I was putting on more sunscreen every few hours, since my skin is so pale.  I’ll be home tomorrow (hooray!) so next Wednesday’s weigh-in will be the moment of truth to see how I fared this vacation.

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