Week 5.1: An over-the-top outfit & the One that Got Away

This vacation has sure taken a bit of recovering from!  I’m still pretty wiped out.  It’ll take me a while to get back to my normal, productive self I think.  On the plus side, Boyfriend and I found a workout calendar to help us with our month-of-June exercise, so I’ll talk about that a little more later.

Today’s hair is what happened when I start pinning my hair up in bits until I am happy with it.  My bangs are finally long enough to pin out of my face!  I did feel a little silly with my “fancy” hair and my poofy skirt and red accessories… not that this stopped me from going out thrifting!  I stopped by a store that I usually don’t visit because the “vintage” rack there is mostly late ’80s castoffs, and while I sifting through the racks I came across an absolute confection of a 50s party dress in periwinkle tulle with rhinestones and embroidery and a darker lavendar-blue underslip.  I’m not sure why I didn’t try it on… something about “I don’t need a floor-length fancy dress” and “I have places to be” and “I don’t want to be tempted” so I left it there.  Over the course of the evening, I realized I had a perfect excuse to buy a new fancy dress (if it fit…) in the form of Boyfriend’s upcoming recital, so I scampered back to the shop this morning… and it was gone!  I could kick myself.  I hope whoever got it thinks it is lovely and amazing and beautiful.

Who knows.  It might not have fit anyway.

Don’t mind the toes, I try to avoid posting photos of them (the polish is Sally Hansen Silver Sweep) because I think they’re funny-lookin’.  Instead pay attention to the bright red shoes (which I love, but have trouble coming up with excuses to wear) and the bright red bag!  This is the purse that inspired yesterday’s manicure, and I built my outfit today around it.  I love it, it’s so fun and cheerful!  It’s the Vera Bradley Chain Bag, though I’ve detached the chain handle for the moment.  I love that all the handles are removable… it’s very versatile.

And, of course, the requisite skirt twirl picture.  I love the print on this skirt!  It’s really a dress, I have it folded over at the waist, but you’d never know…

Shirt: Aeropostale
Skirt: From Ross, years ago
Belt: H&M, came with a blazer…
Petticoat: Evangeline’s
Shoes: Some shop in the Moreno Valley mall?
Hair Flowers & Bangles: Various
Purse: Vera Bradley

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