Week 18.2: A Day for New Beginnings

Hello, lovely readers!  On Wednesday (uh, I’m a few days behind, sorry…) I dusted myself off and tried to look presentable in the evening after a long afternoon of sitting on my butt in front of a computer.

It kind of worked!  I just recently started a new job singing at a church, and all the ladies sitting around me wanted to know why I was dressed up so fancy.  Did I have something earlier in the day?  Was it my birthday?  I had to tell them no, I was just dressed in my normal clothes!  In fact, the dress is one that I’ve rescued from Goodwill.  It photographs beautifully, but the buttons are broken and there are a few small holes I need to mend, so I wore it with my standard lace jacket to disguise these imperfections.

Blue striped 50s cotton dress: Goodwill
Black lace jacket: Forever21
Hair flowers: Made by me
Black leather belt: from my Grandma’s collection
Seashell bangles: The Shell Shop in Morro Bay
Black patent pumps with bows: Payless, years ago
Paisley purse: Vera Bradley (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)
Green stainless steel thermos: Starbucks
Today was a concert day (yay!) so I’ll have another fancy dress for you tomorrow.  At the moment, it’s time to eat a big green salad and get some well-deserved rest.

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