NOTD: Atomic Orange Sparkles

Good morning, lovely readers!  As you may have been able to tell from my weight post, I’ve been a little more stressed lately than I prefer, and of course I have been taking it out on my nails, so they’re down to nubbins again.  Thankfully, nails grow fast, so I’m just trying to keep them polished and trying to keep my hands busy.   Of course, uneven nubbins for nails leave me rather uninspired for nail art, so be prepared to see a few layering combos in the upcoming days.

Pictures do not do the squishy sparkly-ness of this manicure justice… the finish honestly reminds me most of the sort of glittery finish that was on Hot Wheels cars in the ’90s.  Anyone else…?  No?  Okay, moving right along…

I started with three thin coats of Color Club Wham! Pow! from the Poptastic Collection.  Then I added a thin coat of Creepy Pumpkin from the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween set.  And, of course, I added my standard NYC topcoat to finish it off.  In spite of the glitter, I didn’t have any trouble with it eating the topcoat or with removal, I think because I used such a small amount of it.

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