NOTD: Belated Butter London Gradient

If I were a slightly more responsible blogger, I might have taken pictures of this manicure on the first day I wore it.  Or maybe the second.  Definitely not the fourth, after some major chipping on a few nails and tip wear on the rest.  If I was a much more responsible blogger, I might have even done the stamping I meant to do over this gradient before it was worn beyond repair.

Obviously, you can still tell that it was a gorgeous color combo.  I used Butter London Victoriana and Lady Muck, and it’s kind of perfect.  Next time, I’ll follow through on the stamping and take photos earlier, OK?

(P.S. I heard about the great Google Reader Apocalypse.  I’m trying to get myself up to date on alternative blog following means and let you know when I know what I’m doing.  Or, y’know, everyone else might figure it out before me…)

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