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Week 45.1: Irish For A Day

Spring seems to have well and thoroughly sprung here in California!  It’s nice to have the longer days back, but I’m already dreading the sweltering heat of summer.

My apartment gets very little sunlight, so the only plant I have in the whole place is this little fern, which lives in an old ceramic planter on my windowsill.  It grows very slowly, due to the lack of light and space, but it’s still alive!

I made a point of wearing some green on Sunday for St. Patrick’s day, although, fun fact, apparently if a saint’s feast day falls on a Sunday during Lent, you can’t celebrate it until the next day!  That didn’t stop a majority of the congregation from showing up decked out in green, though!  I also got a note from my mother letting me know that somewhere I have an Irish relative on my maternal grandma’s side a long way back!  So apparently I’ve got a bit of Irish blood in me somewhere…

Green hat with veiling: 57th Street Antiques
White earrings: Grandma
White metal and enamel necklace: Gift from Pam
Grey dress: Advance 6993, made by me
Green petticoat: Malco Modes, hand-dyed
Bangles: Various
White pumps: Payless
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