NOTD: Mango & Polka Dots

I wore one of my new dresses from Expo on Sunday, and I was planning on photographing it, but… by the time I got some alone time with my camera, I was warm and tired and looked like I’d been through the wringer!  So I decided to spare you all from that lovely sight.  The dress will be photographed later in the week… so in the meantime, here’s the mostly-matching manicure I did to go with the dress.

It turns out that orange is not one of my favorite colors, and while I love the idea of coral for spring and summer, I mostly love the idea of coral for spring and summer on someone else.  Hopefully I can come to terms with the concept this year.  Anyway, the best nail polish for the job was Petites Mango, a nice squishy orangey coral that manages to be bright without being neon.

I originally intended to use glequins to outline the cuticle edge, but I didn’t have any in a comparable color, so I decided to fake the look by using my dotting tool and Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

I’m sure you hardly need me to tell you that this looked much better from a distance… macro is truly unforgiving.  I was really pretty pleased with how it turned out, though… I think I’ll have to try redoing this look a few times this summer with different color combos.

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