Week 46.3: Unseasonable Orange

I know it’s not really the season for dark rusty orange, but I was trying to come up with something somber for Good Friday and I wanted to try out my new orange (peach.  coral…  you know,those spring and summer colors that aren’t pink and red.  They all seem orange to me.) lipstick and blush.  I realized that I’d never showed you guys the other half of this awesome suit and a post on it was long overdue!

I paired it with the most amazing piece of bakelite I own… this carved necklace that I got from a family friend.   It’s a shame it’s so tricky for me to figure out what to pair it with, because it really is stunning.

Black hair bow: Made by me (from an old clip-on bowtie)
Bakelite necklace: Gift from Pam
60s suitjacket: Goodwill
Black top: American Eagle
Black wool pencil skirt: Goodwill
High-heeled gladiator-style sandals: Reflection
Black clutch: Gift from the yarn store I used to work at?
Red metal water bottle: Disney Store (It has Snow White on it.  I’m hoping this deters Doug from “borrowing” this one!)

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