Week 49.2: A Trip to the Train Museum!

One of my aunts was in town for business this week, so naturally my parents planned a meet-up for lunch, dinner, and a trip to the Train Museum in between.  I (fortunately!) didn’t have work on Monday, so Doug and I were able to go play, too.  I don’t think I’ve been to the museum since grade school, so it was quite a bit of fun to come back to it as an older person.

Doug and I got to Old Sac early to snap a few outfit pictures for the blog:

The day started out clear and sunny, but we had some lovely unpredictable spring weather… As you can see, I was not prepared for rain!

We stopped at Fat City for a late lunch so we would have strength for all of our sight-seeing.  I ordered their cafe salad:  romaine, green apple, tomato, candied walnuts, bacon, and avocado with a sage vinaigrette.  It was absolutely dee-lish… I think I need to try re-creating it at home.

Doug got a big slice of quiche and a bowl of absolutely heavenly-smelling french onion soup.  I didn’t sneak around for photos of everyone’s plates… my aunt got the same as Doug and my parents got sandwiches.  My mom did try the sweet potato fries, which were surprisingly tasty.

Once we were all fortified, we dashed through the rain to the museum.  I evidently made a good choice in picking my novelty print fruit skirt to wear…

…as it matched quite nicely with the fruit crate labels that were left over from a fall exhibit!  I’ve always been rather fond of the bright and whimsical designs that used to grace fruit crates.  My parents have a small collection of labels (originals and reproductions, I think) and have some displayed around the dining room at their home.

I did not manage to take many great pictures inside the museum… many are blurry, and some I’m not sure I’d be permitted to post!  I cruised through the museum with my aunt and my dad, pointing and laughing at things we found amusing and posing for silly pictures with the exhibits.  My mother and Doug went through a little more methodically and actually read most of the informational plaques!

It was great fun anyway… we got to see an awful lot of trains, as well as the setups for the original dining cars (so fancy!), an old mail train car, and a display of toy trains through the years.  We also saw a display on the upper level about how the railroad helped for various war efforts.  If you like the history of these things, it is absolutely worth a stop if you are ever in Sacramento.  We certainly had a blast!

Doug was absolutely like a kid in a candy shop…  I think this may be the only picture I got where he isn’t grinning madly:

//Frances’ Outfit//
Silvertone leaf necklace and earrings: Grandma
Dark teal ruffled shirt: Ross
Fruit print skirt: FabGabs Vintage
Blue gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Green leather purse: Yarn store I used to work at
Off-white pumps: Reflection
//Doug’s Outfit//
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent tie: 57th Street Antiques
Dark blue buttoned shirt: Ross?
Blue wool blazer: Goodwill
Watch: Gift from me!
Dark wash jeans: American Eagle
Black leather casual shoes: DSW

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