Construction zone

Well, we’re… making progress.  We’ve been in the house about two weeks now, and we’ve been working almost constantly.  Ripping up carpet, scrubbing all the walls and floors, searching for furniture… It’s fun, but not exactly glamorous. (Yet.)

Once the house is a bit more together, life will go back a bit more to normal.  It’s a gorgeous brick building, dating from somewhere between the late ’40s to mid ’60s (we haven’t, uh, quite gotten an accurate answer about that yet…) with hardwood floors, gorgeous wood trim, and a whole lot of wallpaper.  And check out that original kitchen contact paper!  I was a bit sad that I had to rip it out, but it was time for it to go.

I’ve been trying to remember to get properly dressed when I can manage it, and to curl my hair sometimes and generally try to still be myself and not just a person Entirely Covered In Dust.  Once the house is clean I should be able to resume my usual manner of dress, but until then I’m making do.

Chiffon scarves: Various
Hair flowers: Icing
80s floral rayon dress: Goodwill
Black satin Daniel Green slippers: Intimate Retreat on Etsy

If anyone’s interested, I might do a little bit of a room-by-room tour of some of the main spaces once the house is assembled…. we’ll see!  But now, I have to go work on the yard and the basement.

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