A bird on the head is worth…?

I finally deemed the weather fall-like-enough to justify pulling out this amazing New York Creations hat I got over the summer for a test drive.  It’s a little bit of a challenge for me to wear, if only because I’m still not quite sure what angle it’s supposed to sit at.  And there’s a lot of veiling, which I’m still not totally comfortable with.  Looking through the veiling all day actually didn’t bother me, though… it’s a bit like looking out a window with a window screen in it.  Your eyes just focus past it and it’s barely visible at all!

Obviously, the best thing about this hat is the giant faux bird perched on the brim.  It’s a bit silly, to be sure, but I think I like it anyway.  When I bought this hat the seller said that it had been her Grandmother’s.  If this and the other two hats I got from her are any indication, her Grandma must have been a pretty fabulous woman!  I wonder what sort of outfits she wore this wonderful hat with.
Anyway, if I can figure out how to get the hat at a more flattering and secure angle, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it this fall and winter!

New York Creations hat: DenimRoseVintage on Etsy
Polka-dot bow blouse: Swiped from my mother some time back
50s suit jacket: Kickshaw on Etsy (It’s a whole suit, really, but… um.  We’ll talk about it later.)
Black wool pencil skirt: Goodwill
Bakelite: Various
40s pumps: Etsy (the shop is gone)

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