Suit Success

 As those of you who have been following along here for a while may know, I’m a huge fan of vintage suits, but I tend to have some trouble with the fit.  If the skirt fits, the jacket doesn’t… and vice-versa.  It’s incredibly rare for me to find something that will accommodate both my waist and my hips, and I daren’t buy a suit online, no matter how promising it looks.  Well, apparently Hannah is just a good shopping luck charm, because the perfect suit just walked right over to me and demanded to be tried on.  (Well, it was assisted by the shopgal, who saw us walk in and immediately started pulling things from the racks for us.)  After a few inquiries and a bit of waffling, I was able to get the suit and a fantastic black velvet cocktail hat for a little less than was marked on the suit originally, and I happily went out the door with my new find.  It wasn’t until I got it home and we were reviewing our loot from the day’s outing that I realized that the suit went perfectly with the little ’50s hat I’d picked up at the stop before.

Mushroom-colored hat with beaded accent: The Queen’s Vault
Suit: Modern Mille Newburyport
Gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Stockings: from Solanah
Black pumps: Goodwill
Smoke drizzle boots: from VaVoom Vintage

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