Silver Sparkles Galore

 Doug usually gets Fridays off, so we usually take advantage of this to have an outing or to catch up on sleep and housework.  Today was an outing sort of day (thank goodness!) so we went into Salem to have a poke around and look at the shops.  I’ve managed to get to Salem quite a few times this winter, but Doug hadn’t been yet so that was a good enough excuse for us.  We lunched, looked at a men’s consignment shop that was unremarkable, and went into the Salem Modern Millie shop where I found a few things that had to come home with me… but that’s another blog post!

Sparkly coat and matching hat with a blue dress in Salem

Now, I know you’ve seen this coat around a few times before.  Maybe even with the same dress.  I like it.  It’s one of my favorite coats (they’re all my favorite coats…), even though it is modern.  With all those sparkles at the hem, how could I not love it?  But the real icing on top is… I now have a matching hat!
I got the hat for Christmas from Doug’s mom… It was on one of my Pinterest wishlists, and it ended up under our tree!  The wonders of the internet, huh?

Sparkly coat and matching hat with a blue dress in Salem
Blue leather gloves with zipper details

A vintage sparkly hat matches perfectly with a modern sparkly coat
A fantastic articulated pinecone novelty brooch

Sparkly coat and matching hat with a blue dress in Salem

Studded black hat: Gift from Doug’s mom
Blue dress: Modern Millie Newburyport
Black sparkly coat: Wilson’s Leather Outlet
Black bangles: Thrifted
Blue leather gloves: Gift from Doug (Target, I think)
Big bluegreen purse: Gift from Doug
Awkwardly brick colored tights: Target
Loafers with little heels: DSW

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