Laetare Pink

 I think spring may have finally arrived here in Massachusetts!  My housemate and I put a good morning’s work into the yard and garden and got the beds turned over and the patio mostly clear of leaves.  There’s still a bit of dirt on there, but we’re slowly making progress.  With the warmer weather of course comes rain, so we’re a bit soggy and housebound over here, but that’s okay.  At least it’s above freezing!

Rainy day outfit with a fur collared coat and galoshes

 Continuing my theme of liturgically appropriate Sunday clothes, I decided to wear pink (or, ahem, rose) yesterday.  I didn’t have a single hat that matched, so I had to go back to my old standby of floral hair decorations.  And, once again, I’m ever so thankful that I found a pair of overshoes in my size!  They make tromping through the puddles to church much easier.  What isn’t easy is stuffing a petticoat under a choir robe!  It poofs out in the silliest way.

A petal pink flower and moonglow lucite "pearls" are perfect for spring

Pale pink gloves with pinked details

Rainy day outfit with a fur collared coat and galoshes

Vintage overshoes or galoshes keep shoes dry in the rain

Rainy day outfit with a fur collared coat and galoshes

Umbrella: Target
Pink moonglow lucite set: Grandma
Pink hair flower: Icing
Grey coat with rabbit collar: Weave Thrift
Grey cotton sundress: Advance 6993, made by me
Pink petticoat: Evangeline’s
Pink gloves: Modern Millie Salem
Galoshes: bought on an InstaSale from Va-Voom Vintage
Black pumps: Thrifted
In other news, I join the ranks of the routinely employed again today (thank goodness) and we’ll see if that messes with my blogging mojo at all.  Hopefully you won’t notice any changes here on the blog, except that perhaps I might sew a few more things once I have pocket money for fabric!

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