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The Watermelon Playsuit, part 2

 Good morning!  I’m all awake and caffienated and ready to show you the second part of my watermelon playsuit.  After asking about yardage for dirndl skirts on instagram, I ended up opting for the slightly less full skirt so that I’d have some fabric left for another bodice design.  I’ll need to do a little experimenting to figure out how I want that piece to come together, so stay posted for more playsuit adventures…

The watermelon I was posing with last time had already been sliced up when I went to take these pictures, so I decided to have a piece in honor of my new creation.  Turns out I still don’t like watermelons.


Black sunhat: Antiques shop
Black necklace: Grandma
Watermelon blouse: Hybrid of Simplicity 4395 & Vogue 3282
Dirndl skirt: Self-drafted
Watermelon belt: Made up of an old belt (and still needs some reworking…)
Bakelite & assorted plastic bangles: Thrifted
Black flats: Someplace in the mall
Green petticoat (not visible): Malco Modes
Oh!  And… I had a few questions about the construction on this set, so expect to see a few more posts this week on the theme of playsuits!  Anything in particular you’d like to know?
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