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Blue roses, tooled leather, and poodle hair

I’ve been inspired lately to try a sort of poodle hairdo, and it’s been quite fun and exciting… the humidity really made it puff up, I swear it was in neater curls earlier in the day.  Mostly, these outfit photos are about the fantastic Italian tourist-y purse I got last month, and which I haven’t used at all because I’m not really a purse person.  I’m mostly about solid colors and big enough to tote the essentials… much beyond that gets lost on me!
I’m feeling uninspired on the words front this evening, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Giant hair hydrangea: Michaels
Bakelite earrings and bangle: Grandma
Other bakelite: Thrifted
Blue rose print dress: FabGabs Vintage
Italian tourist purse: Modern Millie Newburypot
Strappy wedge sandals: Crocs Huaraches
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