Maxi Musings

I have to say, today’s outfit is totally cobbled together for the blog.  Doug and I went on a little thrifting excursion a few days back, and I wanted to show you several new pieces at once.  I suppose this is a good case of necessity being the mother of (fashion) invention?  Ha.  And I find it rather ironic that I’m writing this just after Daffny posted about dressing for one’s blog!  I assure you that the vast majority of what appears on this blog is actually worn in my day-to-day life, but this outfit was created solely for the purpose of photography.

The thunderbird belt and rayon maxi skirt were found on the same day and cost less than $15 together, so I used them as the basis of the outfit.  I wasn’t sure how to style a black maxi skirt, so I went full tilt with the southwestern theme in hopes of making it look a little more casual.

I clearly need some vintage inspiration… Do you wear maxi skirts as part of your everyday wardrobe?  How do you avoid looking too dressy?

Giant lucite earrings: Gift from Pam
Black hair bow: Icing
Silvertone necklace: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
White peasant blouse: Made by me from 
Black maxi skirt: Found at an antiques mall
Thunderbird belt: Consignment shop (the name of which I have forgotten!)
Silver bracelet: Present from my grandparents
Sandals: Crocs

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