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Wisconsin Adventures: The World’s Largest Penny

 When we rolled into Woodruff on our way up to my grandpa’s place, Doug noticed banners hanging from every street lamp proudly proclaiming Woodruff, WI Home of the World’s Largest Penny.  So he asked me about it.  And I was ashamed to note that although I’ve been in Woodruff nearly every year since my birth, I’d never set eyes on this penny.  So we set out on a quest to find it.  After prepping ourselves with coffee and cinnamon rolls from Little Creek Coffee Co. we looked up the locale of the fabled penny and headed off.  We spotted the penny pretty quickly, drove around the block to find parking, and hopped out to take a few pictures.


I guess it should be pretty apparent why I’d not visited this… uh… inspiring landmark before.

The story behind the penny is actually pretty nifty.  The giant concrete likeness sits just kitty-corner from the hospital that the pennies founded, and a block from the Dr. Kate museum.

But it was all we could do to stop giggling long enough to take pictures before we got back in the car and headed off for the rest of the day’s adventures.

Black fleece turban: Made by me following Lilies & Remains’ Hedy Lamarr tutorial
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Green blouse: Thrifted
Black belt: Grandma
Watermelon skirt: Made by me
Black pumps: Savers
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