Wisconsin Adventures: Paddleboard fun

One of the best things about going to Wisconsin is that there are so many fun and vacation-like activities to be done.  Fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, biking… you name it.  And for the past few years, stand-up paddleboards have been added to the mix… rented from a local outfitter for the general enjoyment of all.

It is, naturally, a bit tricky to get good blog photos of watercraft, so I paddled around right off the end of the dock to take these pictures.  In reality, though, a nice paddle outing usually involved an excursion around the bay and over a sand bar to the forested point you see behind me in the picture.  Although they were a bit daunting at first, the paddleboards are remarkably stable, and paddling around the lake on a still morning is quite the treat.  

And as a side note here:  can we just take a minute to acknowledge that looking at photos of oneself in swimwear is quite the challenge?  I was really pleased with how all of the photos in this mini-shoot looked at first, but in choosing for this blog post there was a lot of careful selecting around ones that made it clear exactly how many cups of iced coffee and servings of ice cream I’ve had lately!

Black orchid clip: Made by me
Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Red and metal necklace: Antiques shop in Minocqua
Swimsuit: Forever21 Plus section
Shorts: Made by me
Bangles: Thrifted various places

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