Unneeded Umbrella

Last week, Doug and I had a bit of a day trip on my day off and went up the coast to Newburyport and to Portsmouth for a little dining and shopping. This isn’t the post where I talk about what I bought (haul posts:  a thing you like to read or too much shopping oneupsmanship?  Discuss.) but just a few photos of my ensemble for the day and a little on our food and adventures.

We started out our adventure in Newburyport, where we stopped at Not Your Average Joe’s for lunch because it had a lovely outdoor patio… and thankfully, the food was delicious as well! Once we were properly fed, we headed over to Modern Millie to see if I could find any more light fall clothing.  Sadly, all the best pieces were either too large or too small, but I came home with a few goodies. 
After that, we headed up to Portsmouth under the guise of going for a coffee at the Book & Bar… but really, I wanted to take Doug to Old as Adam, which had been recommended to us several times.  Doug was quite taken with most of the selection, and I picked up a few things to give him for his birthday and other such celebratory occasions.  After that we popped into Concetta’s Closet to say hello and ogle the amazing gowns… and were ambushed by a few old ladies who really wanted to have their photo taken with us. 
And then we went and had our coffee.

It did not, thankfully, rain while we were out… but even if it had, I’m not sure that the miniscule umbrella I brought would have been much use.

Black turban: Made from this tutorial by Lilies & Remains
Novelty handkerchief: From Grandma
Umbrella brooch and earring set: Antiques shop in Stevens Point, WI
Pink blouse: Goodwill
Black blazer: Etsy
Black leather purse: Savers
Pleated 70s-does-50s or vice-versa plaid skirt: Goodwill
Black leather pumps: Savers


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