Birthday Outing, part 2

 For my birthday proper we headed out on yet more thrift and antiques adventures.  I decided to wear one of the birthday presents I’d picked up the day before, a snazzy little squared-off tilt hat I scored for a steal at Modern Millie. 

I’d been thinking about trying out the wild 40s blouse + skinny jeans + boots + loud hat combo for a while, and since it was cold and gross and I was feeling lazy it seemed like a good idea.  Would be even better with some of those lace-up-front hiking or equestrian style boots, don’t you think?

Green felt hat: Modern Millie Salem
40s blouse with rhinestone broccoli: Garment District
Gray wool coat: Thrifted
Green gloves: Antiques shop
Grey skinny jeans: Imogene + Willie, on sale
Black leather boots: Clarks

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