Slushy Sunday

I’m beginning to think that red plus a neutral color is my default winter uniform.  Sure, there are other colors and options out there for the cold season (raspberry, forest green, and royal blue being chief among those) but nothing pops out against all the monochrome cloudy skies and slushy ground quite like red.

It’s only a shame that photo compression (I’m lookin’ at you, Picasa) really does not like red.  Not that this is going to stop me from wearing and photographing and posting it… it’s just a nuisance!

Don’t mind my wet stockings, I managed to tromp into a rather deep slush puddle disguising itself as just a continuation of the standard inch or so of slush that was covering the rest of the path.  The dangers of winter blog photography, I suppose!

Hat with red banding and feather: Concetta’s Closet
Grey coat: Weave Thrift
Red gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Grey wool dress: Goodwill
Red plastic & metal necklace: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Red pumps: Goodwill

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