Cherries in the Snow

January always seems like a bit of a let-down after the hustle and bustle of the holidays… but on the bright side, it’s a good time to do a little shopping for you!  My granddad always sends a nice little Christmas present my way, and this year I decided to do some very specific wishlist shopping with it, so in the first few weeks of January I’ve had the fun of waiting for the mailman to bring me a little pile of boxes “from Granddad”!

For the fun half of my present (the practical half was shoe-shine products), I chose three hats and three pairs of gloves that filled some big gaps in my color collection.  I’m a very bargain-minded Etsy shopper so I took a careful survey of the options and then consulted Hannah (one always must have shopping buddies!) about which ones were the best deals and most likely to be winners.  This green one was the most expensive and the biggest gamble of the lot, but since it had the New York Creations label we figured that the odds were good.  And I, as we know, am always a sucker for green.

We headed over to a little local park area to take these pictures while we were running errands… it was snowing ever-so-slightly and shoes for running errands are not shoes for tromping through snow!  But I’m quite pleased with the results of our little side venture, and it was worth the few minutes of cold toes.

Green feathered hat: Gift from Granddad, via Etsy
Red bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk, WI
Wooden cherry brooch: Witch City Consignment
Sage ’40s suit: Etsy
Forest green gloves: Gift from Granddad, via Etsy
Nude-ish tights: Marshalls
Green Chelsea Crew pumps: Modern Millie Salem

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