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Dig for Victory! (Gardening in Retro Style)

Changing seasons always means a big flurry of yard work, and this spring was no exception!  We’ve been battling our side yard since we moved in, taking it from an overgrown tangle of who-knows-what to a pleasant space to look at and spend time in.  And in the other side yard we’ve got a bit of a Victory Garden of our own started, with tomatoes and herbs and all sorts of peppers and snow peas and kale and (God willing) zucchini, which seems to be the only thing that doesn’t grow aggressively in our yard.


Apparently my style aesthetic for doing yard work is something like “USO girls on tour with Captain America doing volunteer/photo-op work in a Victory Garden on their day off” which is a bit silly but it works for me!  And laying pavers and distributing mulch and planting things is heavy work, so an ice cream stop seemed like a fair reward.
The flavor is Peanut Butter Cookie Dough which I can assure you tastes at least as good as it sounds.
Captain America T-Shirt: Newbury Comics
Red two-toned belt: Thrifted
Blue shorts: Made by me!
Bakelite and other plastic bangles: Thrifted
Colorful sandals: Crocs (really)
Ice cream: JP Licks
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