Playing Tourist, day 1

Back in May (where does the time go?) my parents came to visit us here in Boston for a few days before going to Wisconsin to see my granddad.  Although Doug and I have been here for a few years, we never do any touristy things, so when we get guests in from out of town it gives us a chance to go play.
brunch day playsuit clowning 1


On the Sunday after they arrived, my parents hauled themselves out of bed early and, bleary-eyed, graciously sat through my church service.  They had a good reason for getting up early:  I had promised to take them to our new favorite brunch spot after the service.  Doug had a concert at his church in the afternoon, so after brunching we killed a little time taking pictures and walking around Harvard Square before heading into the dim church for an hour and a half of pretty music.
brunch day playsuit clowning 2
After the concert, Doug had a few hours of work so I put my playsuit to good use and swapped out the skirt for the matching shorts to walk about some more and grab Hubway bikes for a little ride up and down along the Charles River.
(I should note here that most of the pictures from this little visit were taken by my dad, so expect an increase in silliness for the next few blog posts…)
brunch day playsuit clowning bakelite
brunch day playsuit clowning details
brunch day playsuit clowning 4
brunch day playsuit clowning in action
brunch day playsuit clowning 3
Blue playsuit: Made by me
Bakelite bangles: All sorts of places
Green lace up shoes: Modern Millie Salem
Blue hat with white flowers: Antiques shop in Wisconsin

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