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Playing Tourist, part 2

Our second touristy outing was a bit backwards.   This ended up being a bit of a running theme for the visit, nearly anything that had a suggested travel order we ended up doing in reverse by accident!  So when my parents and I decided to do the Freedom Trail we started at Bunker Hill and wandered back to Boston Common over the course of the afternoon.
We stopped for all the important tourist sights along the way:  cannolis from Mike’s Pastry, a visit to Paul Revere’s (rather boring!) house, a picnic lunch, quite a few old graveyards… the important stuff.  I went with my watermelon playsuit and lace-up pumps for an outfit that would be practical for a bit of walking but still cute and summery and I was not disappointed with my choices!
…Although clearly by midafternoon my energy was declining.  Is it time for another snack?  Water?  Sitting?  I definitely enjoyed the experience, though, and would recommend it to other tourist folks.  Having a group to be silly with and one of the many official guidebooks was a great help, and stopping for snacks and looking around was essential to our continued sanity.
Watermelon playsuit blouse and skirt: Made by me
Green ribbed sweater: Made by me
Bakelite bangles: All sorts of places
Green Chelsea Crew pumps: Modern Millie (surprisingly comfy for a day of walking!)
Giant black purse: Marshall’s
1950s black hat: Antiques shop somewhere
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