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Windy Days

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers… I hope you have a good day of pyrotechnics planned with lots of tasty food!

If I had an editorial calendar and was a well-organized sort of bear, I might have a nice patriotic post to share with you today.  But I do not have an editorial calendar and so instead of some good ol’ American red, white & blue I have for you today some… pink, white, and green?  And black?

Yup.  Doing real well.  Amusingly, the weather today is not all too different from the day we took these pictures, except that when we took these pictures it was windy.  Now, if you have ever tried to wear a veiled hat in the wind you might already be thinking that this might be a bad idea.  So if you think I’m making a few very strange faces in these pictures, they have a lot to do with trying to catch a moment when the veil wasn’t trying to make an escape or trying to attack my face or anything else uncooperative.
Please stay put, please stay put, please stay put…
The dress was a purchase from Modern Millie, and it makes a wonderful addition to my (slowly growing) collection of 1940s rayon dresses.  It’s just a smidge too large for me, but it also has a side snap placket that I’d love to convert to a zipper because snaps make me uncomfortable and I’m sure I can use a little bit of ease to do that.
Green wool tilt hat with veil: Modern Millie
Green gloves: Antiques shop?
Bakelite bangles: Everywhere
Stretch elastic belt: H&M kids’ section
Floral 1940s rayon dress: Modern Millie
Nine West strappy pumps: Savers
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