Ladies and gents, it is too darn hot.  We were supposed to get a thunderstorm or two through today, but no such luck.  So today I have some photos for you from earlier in the summer when it was slightly less hot.
red green and blue dress 2
Even on a blisteringly hot day, this dress is one of my favorites.  Light fabric, light color, and a little extra sun protection make it a winner in my book.  Although if I were wearing it today, I’d ditch the gloves!
valentine brooch backside detail


This is another outfit in my ongoing quest to use more colors for spring and summer… look Ma, no black!  My brooch choices were a little limited, so I took my ’40s Valentine’s brooch, opened up the jump ring, and flipped the heart around for an all-seasons look.  This way I don’t have to put it away for the other 11.5 months of the year!
red green and blue dress back 3
absurd red feather hat detail
blue gloves, bakelite bangles, and belt detail
red green and blue dress back 2
red green and blue dress back 1
red green and blue dress 1
Red feathered hat: Antiques shop somewhere in Wisconsin (Best. $6. Hat. Ever.)
Blue moonglow lucite earrings: Thrifted
Green dress: Modern Millie
Blue gloves: Etsy
Bakelite bangles: Thrifted
Blue belt: Swiped from another dress
Red shoes: Goodwill

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