A Walking Outfit

Part of dressing in vintage or retro styles, I think, is having an unending parade of people asking “Do you dress like that all the time?” in incredulous voices.  And, for quite a few of us, the answer is “Yes.”
casual vintage walking outfit
I tend to focus on the fancier side of my closet for the blog, but a girl can’t live in dresses all the time!  So when I’m going to be working in the yard, walking, doing house projects, or running errands, my go-to items are usually a pair of shorts or these cropped jeans paired with a modern t-shirt or me-made blouse.  
I clearly need to make an attempt to sew my own pair of retro capris with a modern stretch fabric… this vintage pair is the closest to fitting I’ve found, but I still find them a bit tight in the calves and needed to take the waist in with some extra darts at the back!  And I’d really love to be able to find some wider stretch belts for casual wear, especially for pairing with this very blouse-y peasant top.  Unfortunately most stretch belts seem to be designed in “one size fits all” which, well, doesn’t.
casual vintage walking outfit
Pink confetti lucite earring closeup
casual vintage walking outfit
casual vintage walking outfit
Scarves: Thrifted
Pink confetti Lucite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Peasant blouse: Made by me from a ’40s pattern
Red cropped jeans: Modern Millie
Pink elastic belt:Thrifted
Sandals: Crocs

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