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Summer Shade(s)

Well, um… hello!  It’s been a while, I know… this is what happens when you are either the visitor or the visit-ee for almost a whole month… whew!  But, I’m back in the real world and slowly getting my house and life back on track.  I finished unpacking my last bag from the lake last week so that’s a good start.  We also redecorated an entire room, built a murphy bed, and vacuumed every imaginable surface in the house. 
Today’s post, with pictures from nearly two months ago, features my most indispensable purchase for the summer:  Prescription sunglasses!

As the picture above demonstrates, I have a kind of funky prescription for glasses.  And because my prescription is a little odd, switching back and forth between glasses and contacts can be uncomfortable.  And putting sunglasses on over glasses is not exactly the best look, although it’s one that I’m known to try from time to time.  I talked to a couple people (with super cute glasses) who heartily recommended Zenni Optical, so I had a look around and eventually settled on this snazzy pair.  For about $50, I got some giant cat-eye frames with prescription lenses, high index, anti-glare, and 80 percent amber tint.

Well, that was $50 very well spent.  These glasses have been my perpetual accessory, for driving, biking, fishing, and outdoor craft fairs… any time I didn’t want to fuss with contacts, I made sure I had these sunglasses in my purse in case of bright sun.  
I’m honestly not sure what took me so long to order a pair of prescription sunglasses, except maybe the price.  I had transition lenses for a while when I was younger, and while the option was nice I often found that the lenses dimmed when I didn’t want them to or didn’t dim when I did need them (driving, I’m looking at you…) so it’s nice to have control over when I do or don’t want shades.  Prescription sunglasses:  so worth it.
Black hat: Antiques shop
Sunglasses: These from Zenni Optical
Black bead necklace: Grandma’s
Bakelite bangles: Various places
Key novelty print dress: Made by me
Semi-elastic belt: H&M kid’s section
Black flats: Someplace in the mall
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