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Very Merry

Woah!  Where did December go?  I know I kept thinking to myself “I really should do a blog post today” and then not getting around to it, but I didn’t realize that the last blog post I did was from December 8th!!  Goodness.

In a way, it shouldn’t surprise me that I’ve missed most of a month here on the blog… I’ve been terribly distracted by decisions and life.  For example… I’ve left the house with a full face of makeup, sans mascara and eyeliner at least once and took most of a day to figure out what looked funny in a mirror, and I’ve gotten downstairs and looked in the bathroom mirror and realized I was missing eyeliner or mascara or both and gone back up to apply it.  So clearly this dazed state isn’t a blog life only problem.


I have been taking pictures, so I suppose I’ll start at Christmas and work backwards and forwards in time until I’m all caught up!  As I’m typing this post, it’s finally looking a little like winter outside… but most of December has been quite mild, and Christmas day in particular was quite warm and humid, all things considered.  My hair has been incredibly uncooperative with the humidity (and that it’s long overdue for a trim) so victory rolls it was for the day.

Since I’m not a huge fan of hats with hair that isn’t set, I opted for the ENORMOUS POINSETTIA clip instead.  Seasonal, you know.
I’ve also been wearing my Miss L Fire Gabrielles from Royal Vintage Shoes non-stop for the holiday season.  I was afraid when I got them that they’d be too blingy for daywear, but I’ve been working them into all sorts of ensembles and I think they work pretty darn well.  Sure, they’re on the festive side, but when there are only 9-ish hours of daylight in a day, festive is important.

Giant poinsettia and mystery red flower: Michaels
Green sweater: handknit by me
Red glass earrings and brooch set: Gifts from Allison
Grey wool dress: Excellent find at Goodwill
Red 80s belt: Savers, probably
Gabrielle pumps by Miss L Fire: Royal Vintage Shoes
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