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The Eensy Weensy Spider

The month of January has certainly flown by!  I was about to tell you about the lovely presents I got just a few days ago for my birthday and when I looked at the calendar I realized it’s been almost a month!  But they are still lovely presents and I’m going to tell you about them anyway.

For about as long as I’ve been interested in vintage clothing I have been deeply envious of Solanah’s truly stunning spider brooch, Mr. Beaumont.  (I’m also deeply envious of that entire outfit, but one step at a time!)  I’ve been looking for a spider of my own, although as my criteria were very specific it took a while!  Rhinestone body, eight legs (not six!), must be arranged so as to look like a spider and not like an ant or (heaven forbid) a tick, of a moderate size… so when I spotted this little guy on Etsy while I was definitely not shopping for myself before Christmas I added him to my favorites and crossed my fingers that he’d still be there later!  He fits all the criteria (although, he could be a little larger) and the price was reasonable… and naturally, a few days later I saw the unfortunate little “SOLD” note pop up in place of the price.

And yet, here he is anyway neatly camouflaged on my lapel… because Doug is a clever fiance who apparently has my Etsy favorites bookmarked and when I mentioned finding a good spider brooch he proceeded to purchase it and hide it somewhere until my birthday!  And, by random good luck, a pair of earrings I also got for my birthday from someone else happen to be exactly the same colors as this little guy so I imagine I’ll be wearing them together often.


1940s fur tilt hat: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Aqua rhinestone earrings: Gift from Christine
Aqua rhinestone spider: Gift from Doug
Black high-necked blouse: Forever21
I. Magnin suit jacket: Gift from Doug
Brown skirt: Half a suit from Simply Vintage
Black loafer-styled pumps: DSW
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