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Snow Bunny

We got another dusting of snow last week, and what perfect timing to show off my last Merry-Birthday-To-Me present!  I’ve wanted skirted coat in a fun color for ages, and as my short red coat is finally starting to show its age (considering it was a $20 fashion coat purchased at least 6 years ago!) it seemed like a good time to add a coat to my collection.  After loving the fit of every Hell Bunny dress I tried on at Modern Millie, I was doing a little online window-shopping when I spotted the Vivien coat in red and quite on sale.  It looked pretty dumpy on the teeny tiny model, but a quick google reassured that in real life the fit was more flattering, so into my shopping cart it went.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of what arrived!  It’s not the warmest coat I own by a long shot, but it’s a perfect finishing layer on a cold day.  I particularly like the full skirt, perfect for wearing over petticoats and swirling around in.  The cut velvet collar and cuffs are a nice detail too, and they look impressively like the Persian lamb they’re meant to imitate.

I wasn’t sure how well cleared the snow would be, so I opted for my Victoria boots from Royal Vintage Shoes.  I’ve blogged about these before here, and they’ve been my go-to boots to slip on when I need to run to the shops and I don’t trust myself wearing proper heels.  I have added a textured rubber sole to these, though, as a leather sole would be ruined pretty quickly around here with all the salt and cobblestones.  I think the next step in thoroughly winterizing these will be getting some sheepskin insoles…

We shot these pictures with one of the new lenses I got for Christmas, and as I mentioned above, it’s really hard not to twirl when wearing a lot of full skirts, so we took a lot of pictures and it was hard to narrow them down for a blog post!

Also, I am way overdue for a haircut.  50s styles are pretty hard to pull off!  Time to get that booked…


Really silly black feathered hat: Modern Millie
Red glass earrings & brooch: Gifts from Allison
Red Hell Bunny Vivien coat: Hot Topic (yeah, I know)
Red sweater: Forever21
Black 1950s suit jacket with lamb accents: Etsy
Red, pink, black, and brown harlequin print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing “Jenny” style
Red petticoat: Tatyana Boutique
Cotton seamed stockings: Modern Millie
“Victoria” carriage boots: American Duchess / Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount as a Brand Ambassador for Royal Vintage Shoes
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