Baby, it’s Cold Outside

It’s really cold.  Colder than this Californian is entirely happy with.  I’ve adjusted pretty well to most aspects of life in Massachusetts, but I’m still not particularly happy with temperatures below zero.  All the same, it’s a good opportunity to share these pictures from a (slightly) warmer day, demonstrating another version of one of my favorite cheats for staying warm while looking snazzy.

I am now of the opinion that all slightly-too-large or boxy-cut jackets are perfect candidates for wearing over a nice modern down coat.  As long as the coat is light and compactable, it’s a great way to get winter-level insulation out of a spring/fall weight garment.

nnTa-da!  Nice and toasty.  Sure, it makes the suit look a little bulkier, but it’s February.  Compromises must be made.

 Brown fringed hat: Bought on an Insta-sale from Emileigh of Flashback Summer
Blue screw-back earrings: Probably Grandma’s
Cockatoo brooch: Erstwilder
Brown 1940s suit: Simply Vintage Boutique on Etsy
Blue sweater: got from Sara
Magenta and black houndstooth down jacket: Uniqlo
Brown shoes: Modern Millie

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