No Commute

I think this casual-separates-with-color-coordinated-mug might end up being a bit of a series on the blog for the next few months… seeing that days spent working from home tend to invite both of these things.  Our winter weather has been very indecisive, so on a relatively warm (above freezing) day I popped outside to take these pictures!
Now, I’m layered up pretty well even for this, with a thermal undershirt under my 1950s jersey shirt (which I want to trace and sew in every color.  So comfy!  So fun!  So sparkly!), a half slip, a petticoat, and my new favorite weapon… Capezio dance tights.  I get really tired of having black or grey legs all winter, and I don’t like wearing my vintage stockings daily… so I decided to see if I could scare up a pair of opaque dance tights in an acceptable color.  The lightest shade resembling skin-tone that the local dance shop had was “caramel” which turns out to be only slightly darker than my particular shade of pasty white person, and Capezio tights are a good deal warmer and more durable than nylons!
Today’s mug is the very first one in my impromptu collection.  I bought it on our road trip to Wisconsin two summers ago, after stopping into a Starbucks for coffee and being incredibly amused by the little abstract depiction of the state.  Fields with cows, a lighthouse, a lake and the state capitol serve as a backdrop for several large pieces of cheese and a football all in appropriate Green Bay Packers colors… how could I resist?  


Green velvet and satin hat: 57th St. Antiques
Rhinestoned 1950s jersey-knit top: Garment District
Mary Blair “Commuters” print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Black petticoat: Evangeline’s
Peachy “nude” opaque tights: Capezio
Black velvet “Victoria” carriage boots: Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount as a Brand Ambassador for Royal Vintage Shoes

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