New Beginnings

I’ve been doing that awful blogger thing of making vague mutterings about “big changes” and “things happening” without being particularly clear about what they are or what they mean for the blog.  Part of this is because I tend to keep the blog on a need-to-know basis about what I’m actually doing in my life (I swear I’m actually a real person with interests and hobbies and things even if I don’t write about it often…) and part of this is because sitting down and actually writing about the changes is work and takes brain and I am a huge procrastinator.

But, since I am starting the things soon (actually, today… this post is scheduled to go live!) I figured it was time to share what I’m up to and what it will mean for business around the blog here:

For the next three months, I will be at Hack Reactor (digitally, through their Remote Beta program) transforming myself from a musician who dabbles in web design into some sort of full-fledged programmer.  I originally interviewed for the program on January 1st (which feels a bit providential) and ever since then I’ve been getting myself set up for success… studying, preparing, and getting myself a whole new computer mothership to work from.

nnI’m hoping that I can keep up with at least one post weekly on the blog while I’m in class.  I understand that my schedule is going to be rather intense, but I still have Sundays off so hopefully I can throw a few posts in the hopper to keep things moving along.  I’ll be reporting into class by video chat, so you can bet I’ll be in red lipstick and my usual vintage fashions daily!  I believe I am one of five women (out of about 35 students) in my cohort, so showing up and presenting a super femme-y aesthetic is I guess my way of fighting the odds.

Green sweater: Handknit by me
Striped Lanz Originals dress: Modern Millie 
T-rex brooch: Erstwilder (a Valentine’s gift from Doug!)
Tights: Capezio
Black loafer-esque pumps: DSW

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