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Hello!  Week one of class is well and thoroughly underway and I can’t tell you a thing about it because I wrote this post on Sunday night, knowing that I wouldn’t have any free time this week to think about blogging.  Sorry.  Updates next week?
So to go along with my lack of new news, I’ll share some pictures I took over a month ago.  I took a couple sets of pictures and then it snowed and I just couldn’t wait to share the snowy pictures while it was still snowy outside… so these got pushed to the back burner.
But!  The snow is gone now so these match the current outside weather just about perfectly, so I’d better post them now before it starts getting springy out.
This lovely shiny new bag here is my new camera case!  And it looks an awful lot like a purse because, well, it is one.  I used some of my Christmas and birthday money to snag a camera bag insert on Amazon (it’s one of these) and then I took it to the shops to find a bag that it would just fit inside.  This purse now perfectly holds my DSLR, a spare lens if I want it, and all of my usual essentials!  I don’t have to worry about my camera kicking around unprotected in my purse, and I don’t have to deal with hauling a camera-specific bag around.  I feel very fancy.
(Now, ignore the fact that I apparently can’t button my coat straight…)
Curly Persian lamb hat: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Moonglow lucite and silvertone clip earrings: Thrifted
Blue dress with faux lamb collar: Modern Millie
Blue gloves: Etsy I think?
1950s full skirted princess coat: Etsy
Handbag-turned-camera-case: Marshall’s
Black velvet “Victoria” carriage boots: Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount as a Brand Ambassador for Royal Vintage Shoes

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