A Rosy Outlook

Well, I survived the first week!

After six long days of computer work, I was pretty excited to get all dressed up on Sunday morning and get out of the house!  The fourth Sunday in Lent (in churches vaguely following the Catholic tradition) is Laetare Sunday, which is slightly less angst-filled than the rest of Lent.  Also the clergy are permitted to wear pink vestments, which they will insist are actually rose and definitely not pink.  They are definitely pink, no matter what the official terminology is.

Since I sing in a choir and am up in front of the congregation, I do enjoy dressing to match the liturgical colors.  On Sunday, I thought that my hat from Raleigh Vintage would be the perfect accessory.  It’s one of my very favorite hats, but I don’t wear it often because I really don’t have a lot of things that match it.

Thankfully it’s getting warm enough that I can go out without an overcoat, which is a massive improvement over last month.  And since there’s no snow on the ground, I can start wearing fun shoes again!  I thought these Miss L Fire pumps were a good pink, they aren’t a perfect match but I think they complete the look nicely.


Purple hat with pink ostrich feathers: Raleigh Vintage
Pink earrings and novelty umbrella brooch: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Pink gloves: Modern Millie
Purple suit: Modern Millie
Purple turtleneck: H&M
Miss L Fire pumps with seashells: Modcloth

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