Brought to You by Coffee

The last week or so has definitely been fueled and funded primarily by coffee and tea.  Since I’m three hours ahead of my class timezone, I’m usually quite awake by the time that class kicks off at 9 AM… noon my time!  However, I’ve developed a bit of an afternoon coffee habit on my “lunch” break to carry me through the end of the day.

Every other day we get some extra lunch time to get away from our computers and get some exercise, so on one of my lazier days last week I decided that for exercise we could go grab a latte at Whole Foods and have a walk around the outdoors shopping plaza.

nnI look a little bleary in these pictures, in part because after writing code for three and a half hours I usually am!  This morning’s assignment (writing an algorithm to solve the n-queens puzzle) was a definite mind-twister.  I needed a nap and a cup of coffee to be ready for the rest of my school day.

I am still dressing like this on the regular, in case you were curious, I didn’t just get dressed to go out for coffee!  I feel like looking sharp helps me feel like I’m a capable person who can think sharp too.  Although I do wish I had put on a belt when I got up in the morning… This dress really wants a black velvet belt, I think, which I really don’t have.

Gold-tone and aqua rhinestone earrings: Present from Christine
Gold and aqua spider brooch: Present from Doug
Wool and velvet basketweave dress: Modern Millie
Plum merino wool socks: Present from Doug
“Victoria” carriage boots: American Duchess / Royal Vintage Shoes

I purchased these shoes at a discount as a Brand Ambassador for Royal Vintage Shoes

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