New Shoe Day!

Finding good photo-op spots in my backyard is tricky, especially early in the day and in the late winter/early spring when everything is still dead and brown.  Usually I pose with my less-than-ideal but rather nicely painted blue shed, but if I’m trying to take pictures too early in the day, the light by the shed is terrible.  Sometimes I take pictures on the other side of the house, but right now the lawn is patchy from winter and the maple tree has no leaves so it’s a rather dreary sight.  And sometimes I take pictures on the front steps, but my front steps are practically on the sidewalk, so it’s not a great place for pictures when everyone is headed to school.
So today I have for you pictures taken in an awkward corner of the yard, trash barrels just out of sight on one edge and woodpile and wheelbarrow on another.  Now I know what one of my goals will be when I have some more free time… create another picturesque alcove (or two!) in my yard so I can take pictures at any time of day, no matter what the season.
Anyway, I just had to take pictures in spite of the sub-optimal conditions to show you my new shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes!  I’ve been trying to avoid shopping while I’m at Hack Reactor, but when I saw the new Lacey T-strap pumps that Lauren had gotten in stock from BAIT Footwear I just had to get them.  Fortunately, I had some rewards points stocked up so the wallet pain wasn’t too bad.  I’ve been on a hunt for new white-ish shoes for a while to replace my Irregular Choice heels, which are beautiful but not terribly comfortable for prolonged standing!  These shoes are definitely more cream or almond than white, but they work a treat with lighter-colored springtime outfits and are going to be a perfect match to a ’40s rayon dress I got this winter.  I haven’t given them a proper test-drive to church yet, but so far these have been remarkably comfortable in the breaking-in process.
Black silk orchid hair clip: Made by me
Green moonglow lucite clip earrings: Thrifted
1950s rhinestoned sweater: Garment District
Mary Blair Commuters novelty print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
BAIT “Lacey” T-strap platform sandals: Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review

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