Now the Green Blade Riseth…

I’m still not used to this whole doing-Easter-when-it’s-cold thing.  It’s really hard to dress up in your spring finest when the temperature is only getting up to maybe 45 degrees!  And singing all the songs about spring and rebirth when it’s all still quite brown outside and only the crocuses have started blooming feels kind of funny.  I took a stab at it anyway (clearly), making sure to wear another top and opaque tights under my Easter dress.  My grey wool coat is just outside of the frame in these pictures though, believe me!

The focal point of my outfit, though was the enormous flower-covered hat I bought from Emileigh of Flashback Summer back in the fall.  The veil is actually enormous and covers most of my face, but since it has a few small tears (as veils so often do) and it seems odd to have my face covered while singing in a choir, I opted to tuck the end up under the flowers to shorten it.

The flowers themselves are actually a bit of an interesting side note.  The flowers on the hat had not aged terribly well, and were slightly spotted with discoloration and overall rather dingy looking next to the crisp white stripes of my dress.  So, since I didn’t exactly have time to order dead-stock millinery supplies before Easter Sunday, I went to Michael’s and grabbed a few big fake hydrangeas in appropriate colors and went to town on them.  You can see the process on instagram here and here, I carefully removed the old flowers from the hat and then cut apart the fake hydrangeas and arranged them to mimic the originals.  Then I tacked them on with needle and thread, so if I ever want to swap them out for something more authentic it will be pretty simple!


I think it turned out pretty well in the end… the hat photographs beautifully.  It was also a wonderful coincidence that the ribbons matched my shoes so well!

1950s open-crowned hat: Insta-sale from Emileigh
Blue rhinestone earrings: Grandma I think
Peach striped dress: Fab Gabs Vintage
White belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Tights: Capezio
Miss L Fire peach seashell shoes: Modcloth

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