Sound the trumpet, strike the viol, etc.

I’ve been sitting on these pictures for months and I’m glad I can finally share them!  My fiance gave his graduate voice recital this winter and finally got the recordings back this past week.  He was gracious enough to give me an excuse to sing with him by programming a few duets into the concert… so I got to break out the fancy duds and get on stage.  You can watch the whole recital on YouTube here or continue reading for more of the fashion show.

You’ll have to forgive my incredibly nonplussed face in these photos, when we took them it was below freezing and rather windy, so the few photos sans fur are brought to you by me being very very cold but pretending not to be.

nnI bought the dress last winter at an after-holidays sale for $20, so I was super happy to have a chance to wear it!  I’ve been wanting a really wearable 1950s gown for a while, and this one does an awesome job of being close enough to basic concert black with a pop of color… good soloist clothes.  I found the jewelry on Etsy to match, and as a finishing touch I decided to splurge on a pair of (clearance!) Miss L Fire pumps.  I’m never quite sure about open-toed shoes for stage (so many toes at eye level…) but these are just awesome dressy shoes for any occasion and pretty dang comfortable for prolonged standing.

1950s gown: Raspberry Beret
Miss L Fire “Luella” pumps: Ashbury Skies
Blue rhinestone necklace and earring set: Etsy
Raccoon coat: Grandma’s

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